Thriving After Addiction Book Program

This program is meant to help create a fresh path for those who are already in recovery and have not learned how to process their emotions, let go of shame, believe in themselves, and connect to themselves in a loving, intimate, and celebratory way. I guide and show how to show up fully and skillfully in life so we can serve the world from our highest potential. I break down the lessons in 2 week increments and combine this with coaching sessions.

With each week we break faulty and painful belief systems and uproot them. Every week is important, so even if you want to skip ahead, resist that urge and surrender to the wisdom of this program. It was built with you in mind. Here is what you can expect:


The reason this program is so dear to me is because I am ta recoveree from addiction.  I also struggled with bulimia for 12 years. I felt like I was insane. Even after I had stopped all the partying and binging and purging, I didn’t know how live life fully. I could barely function. I would isolate, hide, sabotage relationships, and hurt myself in different ways because I had unaddressed pain on the inside I didn’t know how to reach and let go of.

Through my suffering I found yoga, meditation, and life coaching which finally helped me to break through the madness and create a balanced rewarding life filled with love, passion, authenticity, and freedom. I want the same for anyone who reaches for drugs, alcohol, food, sex or all of the above to numb pain. I promised myself that if I found a way out of the madness, I would try to save as many people as I could who suffered the same way I did.

I’m so happy you found me. Now let’s get to work!