Thriving After Addiction Online Coaching Group


Join Erin Colleen Geraghty E-RYT 500, yoga therapist, author, and podcaster for an intimate group of transformation.


The program starts January 15th, 2019. Upon sign-up, you immediately get membership access to the Facebook group which also includes access to exclusive video and PDF bundle, containing powerful recovery and development tools.

Your once-a-month $29 tuition includes:

  • Once a week LIVE Yoga practice, pranayama (breath practice)
  • Once a week podcast discussions and Q&A
  • Twice a month LIVE coaching with Erin ($150 value)
  • Ongoing support from multiple coaches
  • Special offers and discounts for retreats and trainings
  • Be connected with a spiritual community in recovery

Sign up and cancel at any time!
Sorry, but no refunds available for all these amazing services at our low price.

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“I came to Erin back in March this year after finding a meditation on Insight Timer, I was in a place where I felt really helpless and lost in my recovery and life after remembering a lot of childhood trauma and past events from a lifetime in addiction, from the initial contact Erin showed me love and support that I was not used to and I automatically felt safe to open up, over these past few months the work we have done has been really powerful and profound and is having a huge impact on an inner transformation happening within me, we have gone deep into places that I never knew existed and Erin has been able to hold the space for me to go deeper and deeper, I am truly grateful for Erin’s love, support and wisdom, the guidance and direction I receive regularly has brought me to places which are also a massive help in my healing journey. I can’t recommend Erin enough as a coach/teacher as she really does care and is the real deal, she is a very talented and gifted human being and I hope we continue working together for the foreseeable future. With lots of love from Ireland, Adrian.”



“I am a therapist of over 30 years experience and I’be helped many clients work through blocks around their childhood. I realized that I needed emotional support as well as a few things fell apart in my own life (my marriage for instance). I have been working with Erin for about 6 months now and the change I have experienced in myself…I have never experienced that through talk therapy. She has a way of accessing deep parts of you that you didn’t even know you still had a key to.

I have noticed my behavior in my life change. I feel more empowered. I feel calmer. I am getting more done. All of this in 6 months in a very challenging time in my life.

I cannot recommend Erin enough. She has helped me find clarity, motivation, and also, on put down the bottle as a coping device. Bless you Erin.”


Denver, CO


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