Recovery Coaching


What do you want your legacy to be? You’re sober, but your life is not what you want it to be. It’s missing satisfaction, connection, deep serenity and it’s kind of Ho-Hum.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up everyday, pull up your bootstraps, and look out on your day with passion, ambition, and meaning? Many of the people who come to see me are stuck in what I call Recovery Purgatory. Life is ok and we are managing it, but we look out and see people just like us doing amazing things. I show you how to dive deep, process the pain, and move on with life.

We all have gifts, talents, and passion buried inside of us. I show you how to form a stronger relationship with yourself and change your mind so it works for you in the direction you want. I show you how to have big dreams again and how to ignite that inner fire so we lay out the steps of achieving them.

The course includes:
  • Once a week in person or phone session with Erin to dive into pain patterns and start to dissolve them
  • Email support and homework to keep you aware and processing between sessions
  • Meditation program that helps you free your mind from negative chatter
  • A blend of energy and intuitive healing work to remove pain that is trapped in the body
  • I show you how to solve any mental struggle. I will bulletproof you. You will find that you can tackle any situation, no matter how challenging, and learn how to maintain peace and perseverance on the inside while staying true to the guiding voice of your higher power. I show you how to create a life you love while your embrace your strengths, conquer your fears, and feel what’s it’s like to live a full life after addiction.

    A 12 week program is the magic number of weeks to create permanent change in your life. I show you how to choose the thoughts that make you feel the way you want. The courageous act of looking at ourselves and realizing that we create our own reality is the most terrifying and liberating act we can do for ourselves. I show you how with support, compassion and an effective method.

    Once you have a coach, you’ll wonder how you lived your life without one for so long. I show you that you have the power to create suffering or joy in your life. We understand with compassion and love why you’ve made your past choices, make peace and then hit the delete button. Once we dig out the deep pain thoughts that had caused the addiction in the first place, we replace them with creative, inspired thoughts that keep you motivated to the point where, I show you how to continually create the exact life you want. You become your own coach.

    From the depths, dark, and muck, the lotus flower realizes only from the inside, from it’s core, it’s depth, by surrendering to that higher power within, we can grow to fulfill our purpose. This doesn’t mean that we take a back seat in our lives. Rather, with the power of god guiding us, we start managing the brilliant gift that god gave us to serve rather than judge, criticize, etc. This work, works.

1 session: $150

4 sessions: $560 ($140 per session)

8 sessions: $1070 ($133 per session)

12 sessions: $1570 ($130 per session)


Erin is a bright light for the recovery community. She is down to earth, passionate and engaging to listen to.
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