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Erin Geraghty

As I wiped my mouth and flushed the toilet my thought was always, “That was the last time.” But it wasn’t. I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop binging and purging. It was painful and shameful so I drank. Then I couldn’t stop that. Then came pills. More shame and guilt. Twelve long years this was my life until I found a way out.

My name is Erin Colleen Geraghty and I’m a certified Recovery Coach and Yoga Therapist. I struggled with bulimia for 12 years and developed an alcohol and pill addiction to cover up the pain and shame. I thought I would be an addict for life and that my eating disorder would haunt me. Luckily I was wrong.

I help clients heal the way I did, with Yoga, Meditation, Recovery Coaching, and simple Nutrition. I can tell you that my life has blossomed in ways I never imagined it could. I learned to use my addictions and eating disorder as a way to listen to my body, heal my disordered relationship with food and body image, and establish a deep and meaningful relationship with myself. Hidden talents emerged along with compassion, wisdom, and a burning desire to share what I have learned about recovery with the world.

I aim to do the same with my clients. We know what’s it’s like living that nightmare and together you can experience life thriving after addiction.

Love, Erin


This was powerful and beautiful but also triggers flashbacks. I can't decide if it is fully good to do this but the vision of running through my shame toward joy was beautiful. Overall. Gratitude.
Lady Gaga

After spending the past 13 years in overeaters anonymous and only applying a dogmatic shame filed method I am beginning to see more clearly.

Jane M

Depak Chopras advise is, "find your g-d given talent and figure out how to use it to help other people." Erin is doing just that - she is the trifecta of meditation, yoga and coaching. She is constantly seeking insights and better ways to help people and 1 've gained some beautiful insights as a result of her work.

Pedro M

I'm just over a year in recovery and just found your podcast--after googling you after finding your meditations on Insight Timer. I've really enjoyed the way you frame things--in some cases the concept is already familiar, but your take on it is fresh and new. I also really appreciate your pragmatic orientation--making the abstract/ethereal concrete!

Mattie A.

Erin is honest, real, and insightful. She has been coaching me for a few weeks now and I have grown more in these past few weeks more than I knew was possible! She gives excellent advice, knows what she is talking about and is 100% relatable. She is amazing at coaching and love her podcasts full of information, suggestions, and life advice. Thank you Erin for all you give to this.


Erin's podcasts always feel like she is talking directly to me. Her care for others and personal knowledge of addiction on different levels is inspiring. I look forward to every podcast and anxiously await her soothing voice, sense of humor and intellectual discussions on all things involving recovery from addiction. She is incredible!!!

Ann D.

I'm so happy that I came upon this podcast. I'm not a huge yoga afficinado, but, like most people, I deal with plenty of personal issues. I find Erin's style so helpful. She's not woo like some of these sites can get. She seems empathetic and stays focused on the issue described in the title. I highly recommend this podcast if you are looking for an adjunct to therapy or as a gentle.


Erin's insight is always from the heart Her themes are always related to what she's experienced that week. For me, her insight can be very helpful, and I often think about her words in my own day-to-day experiences.

Patrick L.

Going through addiction recovery and this helped so many emotions flood through my childhood pain.

David A.

So powerful for me; each time, new memories are brought up to be cleansed.

Erik M.


Erin is a bright light for the recovery community. She is down to earth, passionate and engaging to listen to.
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