TAA102 Control

ControlnnErin’s book comes out June 1st! Be sure to get on her mailing list by subscribing to the newsletter: www.thrivingafteraddiction.com/free-giftnnControl is such a demand of the ego. I want something and if I don’t get it I’m going to be sad or mad.nnControl was a the the root of my eating disorder nd my addictions. I wanted reality to be a certain way, but rather than softening and accepting, I resisted and clenched down.nnIn relationships we can find ourselves trying to manipulate the situation are in to match how we want it to be. We try to control the outside when we don’t know how to deal with the inside.nnSo we need to learn how to deal with big feelings.nnIt’s important to appease the ego a little by remembering what we can control:nnThe BreathnnOur ThoughtsnnOur ReactionsnnYou can use your breath and direct it in your body into the areas of tension. You can use the tantric practice of breathing and brining awareness to 3 areas and recycling that energy over and over againnnPelvic FloornnHeartnnThird EyennYou can do this with a partner or at a mirror.nnLet the emotions that wash over you be ok.

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