TAA098 Patience and Consistency

Patience and Consistencynn2 spots left in Erin’s retreat!nnWww.thrivingafteraddiction.com/retreatsnnFree live streaming on the Thriving After Addiction Facebook page of my Sunday Beach Yoga classes and dharma talksnnPatience in the process of transformationnWhen we lack patience we miss out on the presentnCultivating patience for ourselves, others, our relationships with other, how our work evolves.nOwning multiple businesses I have had to learn so much patience. I have to wait often for certain works to be completed. Not everyone is on the same exact timeline though I do set deadlines.nBut things happen because we are human.nI talked about releasing control in the last podcast, that’s a part of it.nPatience is being content in the vibration within. Not wanting to escape it right away. Trusting and knowing the universe has your back and your vision will come true if stay focused.nnPatience and holding space for others.nFor those who are listening in recovery or have a loved on in recovery, patience is a must, or you go crazy. Why can’t they just love me? What can’t I just be a normal person. So much dialogue like this is resisting rather than embracing who you are in the moment. Piece by piece and bit by bit thing come together if you keep showing up consistently.

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