TAA095 Loneliness

LonelinessnnI’ve been dealing with way less anxietynThe anxiety was hiding something thoughnLonelinessnDeep pit of sadnessnI feel Incomplete  sometimesnUnless I meditatenAccept and allownnI make it ok.nI have been reaching out to friends more. nI’m still figuring out if this is good or a distraction. nLoneliness was the way I felt when I drank when I was alone.nIt’s the feeling I numbed out when I took pills.nIt’s the feeling I ran away from.nI’m sitting with it bit by bit now.nnWhen I can’t sit with it any longer, I reach out to a friend or my husband. nStep by step you know? nPat on the back at practicenAndreanSo what’s on the other side of loneliness? I mean, when you can sit through it and let it go, process it? nContentment.nnThere’s an observance in the Yamas and Niyamas of yoga I’ve always struggled withnSantosha. You know what that translates to? nContentment! nBeing ok with what is. nLetting your self be ok with everything that is, everything you’d otherwise be insecure about. nI have moments where is completely overwhelming, and then I have moments where I find sweetness in it.nIt reminds me a little bit of grief. And luckily I’m able to sit with grief.nnClick the link or reach out to Erin@ErinCoach.com for more information.nnNamaste

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