TAA091 Releasing your past identity

I don’t know about you, but I definitely had an identity when I used to drink and take pills all the time.nnThis is tough girl. I was indestructible. I used to run into mosh pits purposely to get hit in the face by big burly men.nnI remember my mother crying one morning seeing me and my disfigured face with two black eyes. I just laughed.nnI didn’t know who I was.nnFeel like I have released a lot of that and stepped out to my true self.nnNow, even if we have an idea of a good.nnpositive person, this can be limiting for us.nnAs we grow and change we have to keep shedding identifiers. Otherwise it feels like we are trying to force a mold that doesn’t quite fit anymore.nnReach out at Erin@ErinCoach.com.

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