TAA087 How to reduce stress and it’s impact

How to reduce stresshttp://www.thriveyogafit.com/yoga-teacher-training-retreatnnI am asked often How do I reduce Stress?nnStress is caused by our belief systems making contact with our circumstances.nnRepressed and suppressed emotions.nnSeek an outlet and use the triggers as an excuse to release the tension.nnThen we have stress.nnRepressed emotion are hidden unconsciously
.nnSuppressed are done consciously
.nnFor example, I can’t deal with this right now, so I’m going to stuff it down. Or hold back my tears, or resist.nnI have seen this cause disease in the body, addictions, distorted relationships with ourselves and others.nnThen we go seeking outside of ourselves for the next thing to help alleviate our ailmentsnIf we let go of anger and suppressed emotions, our circumstances will stop triggering us.nnTrue love is detached
.nnWithout resistance and so much allowing.nnIf we let go of what’s blocking the space within us we become a vacuum for prosperity and love.nnReach out at Erin@ErinCoach.com

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