TAA078 Celebrating yourself


Gratefulness, and manifestation

nCelebrating myself has been my practice for the past week. I have so much going on and my mind wants to focus on the flaws or what could go wrong.nnWhen I feel like subconsciously I have hit that upper limit potential, my brain will go crazy to try to sabotage. The more I am aware of this pattern and don’t feed into it, the more I “starve” that belief system. I keep proving that I can do whatever I put my mind to.nnBy doing this regularly, it brings about gratefulness. When we have gratefulness in our hearts, the universe aligns to present us with the gifts we manifest through that vibration. As I say often, the universe loves a grateful person.nnIf we can celebrate ourselves, we show up with love and our purpose solidifies. We are able to serve in a way that is more more sustainable with clarity.nEvery month Erin does a free live coaching. To be a guest email Erin@ErinCoach.com

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