Holding the Space


I always feel amazing after a coaching session. I feel it’s a privelege to sit with different people and hold the space as they work out their problems. A lot of people think I will make their problems go away when they come see me. Even if I could, why would I do that?

You see, each challenge life brings us holds a lesson. I like to think of it like a Simpsons episode. We have a lot of very colorful characters in our lives, and in each episode there’s an intro, a challenge, a pinnacle, perhaps a plot twist, and some sort of resolution. There’s always that lesson. Imagine if the episode was just everyone in Springfield, super happy, and nothing ever went wrong. It wouldn’t even be watchable. Rather, what draws my interest the most is when the characters express relatable human flaws, emotions, and mistakes, and then have the challenge of using mental resources to figure it out. I mean, who doesn’t love puzzles?

Challenges give zest to life. Why do we avoid them then? Well, if we “fail” then we might feel disappointed or unworthy, so we avoid the challenges – pretend they’re not there – or shift the responsibility on someone else. We give away all of our power in that situation. With a coach, we are encouraged to look at ourselves honestly, and take back our power by embracing the fact that, by changing our perspective, we ultimately change the feeling we will have about the outcome of our challenge. One of my favorite saying is, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It’s always so true.

As I hold the space for my clients while they dive into themselves, answer my targeted questions, bravely release faulty belief systems they’ve had for many years, and watch their body language, attitude, and quality of speech change in as little as one session, I realize the value of space. We all need that space between to sort it out, and that’s why I value what I do so much.

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