What’s Under Your Procrastination and Boredom?

nnWhat is procrastination and boredom covering up for you? Procrastination and Boredom cover up emotions. We have resistance and under that resistance is the real feeling we are avoiding. We choose to be bored and procrastinate, rather than deal with that. There’s something on the other side of that procrastination. It could be joy and maybe we’re not in a place where we’re comfortable with that yet. Whatever it is, continuing to procrastinate allows us to sabotage ourselves.nnReady to stop allowing procrastination and boredom to block your next steps? Ask yourself if there’s resistance behind the emotion and why you’re resisting so much. I mean, really, whats so bad about it? Check in with how you feel when you ask that. Take a few minutes to meditate and connect with yourself. Do a few moments of emotional journeying. Allow yourself to feel and process the emotions. Let your body soften around them.nnBecoming aware of the emotions underneath and then going into your pain and processing it is courageous and brave. It can serve you so well but you need to be willing to face it. Create the vibration of what you want to achieve and stay in that vibration. You’ll be able to process it, overcome the obstacles and live fully.nnBoredom is rarely an option for me now and procrastination is easily solved by being able to travel through my emotions. I have this tendency to barrel into challenges head on. I suppose it’s unique that I lack fear a lot of the time (replace that with aftermath anxiety and loneliness as my indulgences). I’m not exactly sure where this comes from, but I can tell you growing up on a street where I regularly heard gunshots, woke up to screaming and police cars often probably prepared me somewhat.nnThe number on the back of my Roller Derby Jersey is a reminder of where I came from. I never want to forget the pain and evolution from that time in my life. It made me into a warrior and caused me to be resilient.nnAs a result of all of this, I can choose to show up fully in my life. Pain was a great teacher for me, and still is, but I don’t create unnecessary suffering on top of it. I’m too busy living my life, loving hard and deep, and believing in myself.nnNamastennxoxoxonnErin

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