ESC 12 Week Life After Addiction Course


Welcome to the 12 Week Recovery Upgrade Program by Empowered Serenity Coaching.

The Life After Addiction Program helps addicts in recovery to move beyond recovery purgatory and build a meaningful and sustainable life. This program takes recoveries through 12 weeks of targeting and releasing faulty beliefs, instilling new productive beliefs, while incorporating yoga, meditation, nutritional guidance, coaching and many other tools to bring a deeper level of peace, clarity, and harmony to the mind. Thus, setting up the foundation from surviving to thriving in life.


Module 1: Tapping into Your Power

In this module, we will break down how your brain works and how you can learn to manage your mind. Once we realize we are the ones in control of which thoughts we choose to have, we learn how to make wise choices.

  • Your Beautiful Mind
  • Primal Tools
  • Nutritional Support
Module 2: The Tool Box

In this module you will be learning the tools that help you target your negative thought patterns and barriers to start releasing them. This module is life changing and these tools to can be applied to any problem. Period.

  • The Method
  • Inquiry

Module 3: Digging

In this module, we take an in-depth look at your faulty belief systems so we can work on uprooting them. It’s common that during this process more and more will come up, and you will be learning the tools to target and eliminate these faulty belief systems.

  • My pain causer
  • Journaling and Targeting
  • Leaning into Discomfort
Module 4: Dig Deep

In this module, we dig deeper and release trauma we have buried within that unconsciously controls our actions. Is this therapy? Nah. It’s way more powerful.

  • Healing Past Trauma
  • Targeting Faulty Beliefs
  • Blame Thy Neighbor

Module 5: Dig Deeper

In this module we will learn additional tools to start making huge changes in our personal lives. We start making huge shifts in how we perceive ourselves and other, and learn to set boundaries with ourselves and others.

  • Fact vs. Fiction
  • Self-Esteem
  • Boundaries
Module 6: Planting Seeds I

This module will be a powerful and emotional process of accepting and loving everything about yourself. Acceptance is difficult at times, but you will be putting your tools into action.

  • Unconditional Love
  • Accountability and Empowerment
  • Peaceful Love and Forgiveness

Module 7: Planting Seeds II

In this module, you will learn how to deepen your connection to yourself and your higher power.You will also be given one more energetic tool to heal yourself energetically, physically, and spirtiually.

  • Breath and the Nervous System
  • Meditation and Clarity
  • Reiki Healing
Module 8: Cultivating Your Garden I

Imagine if we could treat everything in life as sacred, how powerful that would be. We learn how to live mindfully and fully with our higher power in everything we do.

  • Routines and Intention Setting
  • Bringing Awareness into Everything
  • Sacred Space (Inside and Out)

Module 9: Cultivating Your Garden II

Imagine showing up to the world everyday as the best possible version of you. You can. In this module, you will learn how to cultivate the best possible authentic version of you by radically shifting your belief systems. This is also known as “leveling up.”

  • Your Best Self
  • New Belief Systems
  • Reinforcing New Beliefs
Module 10: Enjoy the Fruits

Each of us has a special talent, a gift that we can present to the world in a way and with a voice that no one else can. In this module, we find that something and we ignite our passion and find a way to funnel it into the world.

  • Find Your Passion
  • Share Your Passion
  • Serve the World

Module 11: Enjoy the Fruits II

It can difficult be to prioritize your day or make decisions; that’s why this module is so important. By declaring your intention, you’ll be creating extreme focus for your personal and career goals.

  • Setting Big Goals
  • Prioritizing
  • Stay Motivated and Focused
Module 12: Share Your Fruits

In this module everything comes together that last little bit and you are truly a soul on fire ready to share your passion and gift with the world. With the support of your coach and group we make it happen.

  • Dream Life
  • Accountability
  • Group Support


Erin is a bright light for the recovery community. She is down to earth, passionate and engaging to listen to.
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