TAA105 Body Dysmorphia

Body DysmorphiannBody dysmorphia is an extreme fixation on a part or the whole of the body with a belief that it needs to hidden or drastically changed.nnHow the mind can have a pattern of what should be and this creates tension. When we apply this to the body we create a resistance to what is and what should be. When we believe it should look and act differently, we start to shame it.nnI’ve seen it happen in myself, in friends and in family members.nI’ve seen both men and women deal with this.nnIt causes pain when we separate ourselves and shame our bodies for what we think they should be. It’s heart breaking.nnIf you want to change your body, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with feeling healthy and energized and confident. But not from a place of shame.nnReach out to Erin at Erin@ErinCoach.com

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