Authenticity is learning to process emotion – allowing and accepting vs. resisting. Have we lost our ability to admire beauty, particularly in ourselves? Beauty is authenticity, individuality, and fearlessness. Embracing your beauty empowers you to grow and evolve into your highest potential. What would happen if you fully embraced your beauty? How far could you fly?

Resisting your feelings creates a clenched up vibration inside of you. When you learn how to soften around it, stop resisting, and allow your feelings to flow, you will begin reconnecting with your authentic self! What would happen if you let your hardness soften and your light shine through?

What if I told you that the world isn’t attacking you, but you’re attacking yourself? As an addict I used to hurt my own feelings all the time and I’ve seen so many others do the same. Keep peeling off the layers, keep working on yourself, soften the self-judgment, dig deep – it’s only going to get better. 

Reconnecting with your emotions can feel incredibly overwhelming in recovery. You’re reconnecting the wires between your mind and body, often for the very first time. That’s why one of the first things I tell my addiction recovery clients is, “Get your ass to yoga class!” Yoga is one of the best possible ways of rewiring your mind body connection!

I use the mantra “Accept and Allow” when I’m in a stuck place with my emotions. Accept and allow whatever is true for you in the moment to flow through you, releasing resistance along the way. Accepting and allowing yourself to feel emotion is often the missing step in treatment that will ultimately make your recovery a long term success. Resisting unpleasant emotions is like wading into concrete and settling in. What if you could breathe your way out of that stuckness? Inhale – accept. Exhale – Allow. Repeat until unstuck! Technique to get your emotions “unstuck”: Get a pen and paper and breathe your thoughts onto the page in a completely unfiltered stream of consciousness. Do the words on the page seem the same as when they were stuck in your head? Or do they feel lighter and more forgiving? Look at each thought compassionately and ask – Why am I choosing to think this?

Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and pain is human. Allowing yourself to feel those emotions, softening around them, understanding that they’re not forever, and having the courage to process them – is THRIVING! Let’s allow our suffering to make us stronger. Let’s willingly walk into the fire and allow our feelings to melt away our fears. Let’s tap into our HeartFire. Let’s thrive together.



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