TAA097 Releasing Control

Releasing Controlnn3 spaces left for Erin’s retreat! nWww.thrvingafteraddiction.com/retreats nThe path of recovery so different than what we think it should be nI wanted to lay out the steps, I wanted to follow each one as it should be and that the particular order I decided was best.nI wanted to control it, but that’s what got me into trouble in the first place.nI resisted reality so hard. I had this illusion that if I didn’t accept it, and eventually I could overcome it and change it. nTo truly transform and process the pain that’s underneath the surface, we need to soften our edges and allow unconditional universal love to flow through us.nIt’s subtle, and I think that’s why it feels like it slides out of our fingertips nI wanted to control my body, I wanted to control my emotions, I wanted to control the people around me. nI wrote this little piece about a little dragon that sits inside of me. And when it doesn’t get what it wants, it spews fire.nBut, I think that’s why vulnerability is so important. The ego does not like vulnerability, and yet it is the pathway to freedom and surrender. nnSo many people reach out to me and say they appreciate my authenticity and vulnerability. And, I totally do it to serve, but I also do it because I know it’s the pathway to keep breaking down the solution of what recovery is supposed to be like. nnYour journey is out of the realm of the mind. Thank God. nnReach out at Erin@ErinCoach.com

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