TAA093 How Meditation Changed My Brain

How Meditation changed my BrainnnCheck out Erin’s Retreat:nthrivingafteraddiction.com/retreats nnEnhanced Flexibility: nFrom a scientific standpoint, I think the breathing healed my nervous system in a big way.nFrom a spiritual perspective I believe I purged some major sankaras that had been weighing me down for years and causing much pain below the surface.nnI feel like my brain is different. It’s not 100% different, more like 5% different.nIt doesn’t sound like much but in the grand scheme of it all if you can change 5% of your emotions and actions, it adds up.nI’m noticing more space between thought and emotional reaction internally and a propensity to soften and let go easier and with more awareness than before.nnI’m noticing more of a softness towards myself. It’s coming in the form of patience, not judging myself so much or as harshly.nnSince the retreat my concept of beauty has shifted. I have always craved depth in relationships, but as I find it within myself I can naturally see it in others, even if they hide it.

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