TAA084 Control and Surrender

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Today’s episode is control and surrender. It’s the greatest illusion that we can control all the things in our lives. This will leave us exhausted, resentful, and disappointed. My mind likes to think it has control, when that is simply not the case. It gets angry when it can’t be in control all the time.
The truth is that we cannot control people, but we can control our emotions and thoughts. This is where our practice can be in the middle of the chaos.

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  1. Amen to this coaching! These are the exact thoughts that go through my mind when I feel overwhelmed! It’s so important that I know others have the same thought patterns so that I don’t feel isolated in my crazy thoughts. Your shared thoughts empower me to create space for my negative thoughts and then my thoughts are able to come and go without as much judgement. Mindfulness is a continual practice for me and your coaching opens my mind to greater clarity in my practice! Thank you so much for being so raw and real! Your podcast has no fluff and I appreciate that you get right to the core so quickly! You’re amazing!

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