How I feel after having my mercury amalgams removed

FullSizeRenderHello everyone!

Nowadays I don’t blog so much as I spend that time recording podcasts and Hey! I wrote a book, so all of my blogging energy has been relocated else where, but I felt compelled to write up something special for my recent experience about how I feel after having my mercury amalgams removed.

So, I had 8 amalgams removed of varying sizes along with a root canal about 4 days ago. I decided to get this procedure done in Costa Rica mainly because of financial reasons (In the US I was quoted $17,000 to get this done holistically. In Costa Rica it cost me $2,000.) and I figured if I could see a monkey or two and practice my Spanish, it was win/win.

I had three intense days worth of work done. We would start in the morning, take a break for lunch and then meet up again for the evening. After the first quadrant was removed, I didn’t feel too different except for tired from being on an airplane and I generally don’t sleep too well. The second day after my largest amalgam was removed along with an additional medium sized one, I started feeling…different.

I noticed after I left the office I felt more present. It’s like everything slowed down and I could notice brighter colors, I could read signs that were far away (well, as best as my limited Spanish would allow me) and it seemed my smell was better? I didn’t want to jump the gun and start telling people because the mind is always fluctuating and so I thought maybe I just had a balanced meal for lunch or my mood was particularly good, so I just observed.

The next day I had the rest of my amalgams removed and since then I feel like someone flicked the switch in my internal thermostat. I’m actually warm now when usually I am super cold. I live in Florida and I would almost always have a sweater.

Also, my memory seems to have improved and my anxiety is much less. I remember the night my amalgam work was finished we went to a hot springs and I started speaking all this Spanish I didn’t realize I still remembered. On the car ride home I recalled so much of my Japanese that I hadn’t thought about in years.

It is a week later and my list of improvements keeps growing. Currently it is something like this:

-Improved long term memory recall

-Less anxiety (I would say a reduction of about 60%)

-Better Sleep

-Less Obsessive Thoughts

-Warmer and Better Digestion

-More Energy

-Calmer over all

Also, I’m not sure if this is related, but I’ve also lost about five pounds this past week and I have not been eating super healthy. If anything I would usually gain five pounds eating as I have this past week. So maybe that will continue or maybe not. It’s hard to say if it’s related or not, but I can always update this blog in a few weeks for any curious fans.

Anyways, my point in writing this blog is that mercury is a toxic substance. If you have it in your teeth, it’s right by your brain and thyroid. It’s a huge possibility that it’s having an effect on you on ways you can’t even imagine. My husband has 12 of these in his mouth so I’m hoping that he will see the shift in me and decide to take a trip to Costa Rica (and maybe this time we can see some monkeys and go ziplining!)

Namaste everyone.

PS. The handsome gentleman in the picture was my dentist in Costa Rica.

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