TAA062 Sugar Addiction: It’s Real and It’s Brutal

sugar-addictionnnSugar Addiction is real. Sugar lights up the same areas of the brain as cocaine.nnMy husband is battling a sugar addiction currently. It causes inflammation, there’s connection to sugar causing cancer, it affects mood, energy, digestion.nnI have been on many cleanses including candida, liver, bowel, and kidney cleanses. Adapting to life after sugar sucks for a little while.nnWhen I asked my husband his reasons for wanting to quit sugar, I don’t think the health benefits affected him too deeply. He was seeking satisfaction and happiness.nnSteps to overcome this addiction (or any)nRecognize what it’s doing for younLook at your reasons why you want to quit and find that reason that makes you passionatenCommit to stopping. Set measurable goal and then keep going.nnSupplements to help:nAlanchromiumnmilk thistlenGymna Sylvestre

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