TAA061 Addiction in the Family: How to Deal with it

Addiction in the Familynn n

Addiction in the Family: Erin’s Struggles

nReach out to Erin with any questions: Erin@ErinCoach.comnnToday’s podcast is very raw and very open about Erin’s experience with having addiction in the family even currently.nnMy brother has been addicted to crack for over 20 years. He has been controlled by addiction and his actions followed suit.nnWhen someone is an addict they will do whatever they need to so they can keep the addiction going. It’s like a parasite controlling their mind.nnAs the family, we need to choose love to keep us objective, but many times we must also love from a distance.nIf I don’t work through my pain and fear, I am going to project those past images on him and not be able to help. I will close down to him and what an addict needs most is connection and love.nnThis does not mean we enable, give money, anything like that. We can give some time, our words, our presence. Show them by example what it’s like to be connected and they can learn.nMy heart goes out to anyone else struggling with this. I am here.nnLove, Erin

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